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The men in this week’s episode were almost all loathsome, whiny man-children, taking out their issues on the women in their lives.

Kimara learns that no one seems to really care, as the government is now more interested in prosecuting the deaths of immigrant workers, and can apparently only focus on one thing at a time.On her way into the clinic with Kimara (Regina King), she sees protesters, and the show cuts together images of Shae’s last few weeks, including the ultrasound, to visualize what’s going through her mind. While Kimara questions how Shae could possibly care for a child, Shae seems strident that she’s going to do whatever she wants to do.I’m still convinced this kid ends up adopted by Kimara.When she speaks to an attorney about trying to get some of those funds, she learns that a separation means no financial support and that she then won’t be able to file for divorce for a year. Watch the details, like the shot of Carson’s hand shaking on his coffee cup.There are so many emotions at this table, including a unique blend of sadness and anger.

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Later that day, Claire insists that Gabrielle put the document in her safe.

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