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The entire incident lasted a little more than a minute, and Kelly calmly apologized and finished his interview.

But the video quickly went viral, racking up 15 million views on BBC One’s Facebook within a few hours and generating a wealth of media attention and public commentary.

As NPR host Linda Holmes wrote on Twitter, it’s a sign of the many ways media has responded to a changing global landscape: If the BBC wants to have the best Korea analysts on hand to provide commentary, it might need to talk to someone who’s at home in a different time zone with their kids.

That could mean sacrificing the ideal interview environment and redefining the idea of “professionalism.” And if Kelly’s kids can help shed light on one of the most bizarre political scandals in recent memory, so much the better.

The internet abounds with lists of the best live broadcasting bloopers, because unexpected moments captured on air have the quality of spontaneous theater and are usually funny, and who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh?

Throw in the unapologetic hijinks of a couple innocent youngsters and you have a recipe for success.

The result was a broad range of responses from the public regarding just about every aspect of the video: Kelly’s response, his work-from-home environment, even the woman in the background.

Here’s a brief rundown of what people have said about it online: Those last two responses in particular have led to a contentious divide that’s only extended the video’s virality.

” Meanwhile: “He was live on BBC and was nervous and embarrassed and is a regular human,” reads the most popular counterpoint.

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But the temptation to apply a narrative beyond what’s in the video took its virality to the next level, as people used it to make a variety of social statements about parenting, work-life balance, and more.

And to at least one journalist, the video carried a different significance.

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It might seem a bit dizzying that such a seemingly harmless video clip could have that much cultural relevance, but Kelly’s dilemma fits nicely within a Venn diagram of challenges encountered by many parents and employees in an increasingly globalized, increasingly digitally connected society.

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